The center has limited activities. On-site, or congregate, meals have been suspended. To go meals are available  Meals on Wheels will continue as usual and congregate meals are available to go.  Please call the day before to order your meal or no later than 10:00 am the day of.  $5 donation for seniors 60 and older, $7 cost for under 60.  Pick up time is between 11:30-12:30.  Refer to the newsletter for the menu.

Rainier Senior Center

 “A Great Place…For Great People!”

Mission Statement
To provide for the needs of the area seniors aged 55 years and older with services, nutrition, information and activities which may lead to a more productive, fulfilling and prolonged life.

48 W 7th St, Rainier, Oregon 97048
(503) 556-3889




Jan Rich, President
Debra Elliott V. Pres 
Rachel Kelley Treasurer 
Carla Bodenhamer Secretary 
At Large:  Keith Ekstrom, Joanne Bernard and Sue Beavers