Nominations for Board members for year 2017/2018 are being taken through the month of May.  Election will  be held during the Members meeting on June 28th.  You must be a member in good standing of RSC for 30 days prior to voting. 
Rainier Senior Center

 “A Great Place…For Great People!”

Mission Statement
To provide for the needs of the area seniors aged 55 years and older with services, nutrition, information and activities which may lead to a more productive, fulfilling and prolonged life.

48 W 7th St, Rainier, Oregon 97048
(503) 556-3889

 Jan Rich - President,  Keith Ekstrom-Vice President
 Rachel Kelley- Secretary- Marily Tift- Treasurer
 Clint Kelley, Shirley Emerick, Margie Clark and Sandi Scholten
 Newsletter Editor- Beth Bailey